YMCA Helps Young Family Model Healthy Lifestyle

In December 2018, the Riedel family of Gothenburg decided to join the YMCA during the Can Your Joining Fee membership promotion.

“We saw that the YMCA was waiving the joining fee in exchange for canned goods, and we decided it was the perfect time to become members,” Mariah Riedel said.

Since that time, the YMCA at Gothenburg Health has become an important part of the family’s daily routine.

“The YMCA is so much more than a place to exercise,” Mariah said. “The staff are truly like family. The Y has helped us to stay physically active and to help instill that lifestyle in our kids. Exercising is an outlet for us, and when we feel better, our family benefits overall from that.”

Mariah, who is an RN at Hilltop Estates and a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, stays home with their three children (Luke, almost 5; Dawson, 2; and Harper, 5 months) during the week. She brings the children with her to the

YMCA three to five days a week. She exercises, and the children participate in Child Watch.

“It’s something that is just a part of our routine and almost feels out of the normal when we aren’t able to make it,” Mariah said. “The staff notice immediately when we aren’t there and make sure that we are okay when they see us return. Our boys know exactly where the offices are that have suckers, and they get spoiled far too often! Our oldest was around 22 months when we first became members, so our kids have grown up there around the same faces.”

Mariah’s husband, Dalton, is a carpenter at Five Star Flooring and is in his ninth year of serving in the military; three and a half years as Active Duty Army and five and a half years in the Army National Guard. He typically exercises early in the morning before work.

“Dalton and I both use the weight room and track the most and are happy with the options available at the YMCA,” Mariah said.

They also both participate in the YMCA’s adult coed volleyball league, surprisingly on separate teams. When the league first started, there were six teams and the couple played on the same team. However, as the league grew, they were introduced to more people and “the opportunity presented itself to have two separate teams,” Mariah said.

“That’s what we’ve done the last couple of years, and it has made the competition between us a little more fun,” she said.

As for how that competition has been going lately…… “Dalton actually named my team for next season ‘Always Champs’ and named his team ‘Runner Ups!’ Mariah said.

The Riedels were happy to see the YMCA’s coed volleyball league grow to 11 teams this past season!

In addition to coed volleyball, Dalton has participated in the YMCA’s Cornhole League, and Mariah has enjoyed several classes, including Alexa Ostergard’s Barre Class and Heather Johnson’s Body and Soul Class.

The family also swims in the Y’s indoor pool in the winter, and in the summer Luke participated in the Leap and Learn program and t-ball.

“Sports have always been in the forefront in both of our lives, and being able to continue incorporating them is just really fun,” Mariah said. “We feel like it sets a great example for our kids and just helps us to stay active and tokeep moving our bodies.”

Mariah said she is excited that the YMCA supports them not only in this season of life but will continue to do so in the seasons to come as their kids grow.

“We encourage anyone thinking about becoming members to just give it a shot,” she said.