Fagot Family Finds Hope & Encouragement at Orthman Community YMCA

Jessica and Mitch Fagot and their three boys love adventure. One adventure they started in 2017 was joining the Orthman Community YMCA. It’s an adventure that continues to improve their lives each week and has kept Mitch on a path to a healthier life after he was treated at Valley Hope in Norton, Kan.

“We joined the YMCA for many different reasons,” Jessica said. “One of them was the different activities for our boys (Vince, 12; Lance 10; and Terence, 8). For me, it was personal fitness. For my husband, it provided a new perspective on self-care and a daily routine.”

Mitch went to the Valley Hope drug/alcohol treatment center in 2017.

“I was dealing with some stress at my job and in life and needed a major change,” he said. “My wife is the one who got me there. She is the reason for all the blessings in my life today! The YMCA was the first major change in my new daily routine after returning from Valley Hope. Today, I still start my work week by going to the Y every morning at 5:30 except for an occasional Saturday and Sunday. It starts my day off right by accomplishing a healthy task and gaining some mental clarity before heading off to work. It has become a major part of my new daily routine.”

Jessica said their sons learn and grow by participating in the YMCA’s sports and enrichment programs.
“Our boys are in many sports offered,” she said. “Lance loved joining the Adventure Kidz club. His favorite is the Cooking Club. He learned how to make tater tot casserole and made it for us on our Sunday night dinner.”

Jessica also makes exercising at the YMCA a priority.

“I’m in better shape now more than ever,” she said. “We love having a daily exercise routine in our lives. Now, when we don’t go to the YMCA, we can see how it impacts our daily routine.”

They appreciated the help they received from the YMCA staff.

“Paul Pack (morning cycling coach) was a good motivator for my husband,” Jessica said. “I learned techniques and cardio from Melanie Shubert (personal trainer and instructor).”

The family agreed that their favorite YMCA program is the annual Easter Egg Drop where eggs are dropped from a helicopter.

“To us, the YMCA is more than a gym,” Jessica said.