General Information

  • Call the Orthman Community YMCA at (308) 324-1970 to register a team.
  • Girls Tournament: Saturday, January 4th / Boys Tournament: Sunday, January 5th
  • Guaranteed minimum of 3 games!
  • We will attempt to schedule out of town teams to start games later in the day; closer teams to start earlier.
  • Tournament Entrances (1207 N. Grant St.)
    • YMCA Entrance (Door Y15)
    • Middle School Activities Entrance (Door 10)
  • Tournament Daily Admission Fee: 0-4: FREE, Student: $4, Adult: $8
  • YMCA & Middle School Facilities
    • The four gym courts, Middle School cafeteria & bathrooms are the only places permitted for access. The rest of the Middle School & YMCA facilities are OFF LIMITS (including everything upstairs in the YMCA).
    • The Middle School cafeteria and court 4 bleachers will be available for extra seating/overflow.
    • Tournament spectators may purchase a YMCA day pass for half price ($5) to use the YMCA facility during the tournament.
  • Concessions and merch will be sold in Middle School cafeteria.
  • Medals will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams in each division.
    • China Hy Express (501 Plum Creek Pkwy., Lexington)
    • El Rancho Viejo (2307 Plum Creek Pkwy., Lexington)
    • Mac’s Short Stop (114 N. Adams St., Lexington) – One FREE Powerade with proof of tournament entrance (admittance stamp)
    • Medo’s Resort (20 Bullhead Expressway Dr. #28, Johnson Lake) – $2 off any large pizza & FREE fountain drink with proof of tournament entrance (admittance stamp)
    • Three 21 Tavern (112 E. 5th St., Lexington)
  • Other Recommended Places to Visit
    • Little Caesars Pizza (1201 Plum Creek Pkwy., Lexington) – Tournament concessions pizza supplier
    • Runza (2510 Plum Creek Pkwy, Lexington) – Provides coupons for tournament volunteers
    • Strike & Spare Bowl & Sports Bar (1408 N. Adams St., Lexington)
    • The Majestic Theater (615 N. Washington St., Lexington). Tickets online at

Need assistance at the tournament? Meet our team of Directors! (L to R) Amy Adams – Associate Director, Terri Burch – Health & Wellness Director, Amber Holbrook – Youth & Family Director, Riley Gruntorad – CEO, YMCA of the Prairie, Daniel Holbrook – Sports Director. Look for these smiling faces throughout the tournament!

Our team of Directors - (L to R) Amy Adams – Associate Director, Terri Burch – Health & Wellness Director, Amber Holbrook – Youth & Family Director, Riley Gruntorad – CEO, YMCA of the Prairie, Daniel Holbrook – Sports Director.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Sports Director Daniel Holbrook (, OR CALL 308-324-1970.


The YMCA Core Values are: RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, CARING, AND HONESTY! Participants (coaches/players) shall RESPECT themselves, teammates, coaches, the opposing team, spectators, volunteers and officials. Please be RESPONSIBLE, CARING & HONEST before, during & after games!

Equipment Specifications: Basketball: 28.5” for all divisions. Hoop height: 10’ for all divisions. All players must have numbered jerseys.

Roster: Maximum of 15 players & 3 coaches per team. EVERY PLAYER MUST HAVE A WAIVER SIGNED FOR THEM BEFORE ENGAGING IN GAMEPLAY. Players must play in their grade classification (exception: younger players may participate in older divisions.) Players can play on only one team in the tournament. If incorrect information is provided, the player and/or team may be ineligible.

Divisions: 3rd – 8th Grade, Boys & Girls. Tournament games will be mixed (all teams will play throughout both days). We reserve the right to combine two grades if necessary to complete a division.

Game Format:

  • The team listed first on the schedule is the HOME team.
  • Teams need to arrive at least 1 hour before the scheduled start time of their game. GAMES WILL START AS EARLY AS 30 MINUTES BEFORE SCHEDULED START TIME, IF POSSIBLE. Game start time = forfeit time. If a team is not present to play one of their scheduled games, the opposing team is granted a forfeit win of 30-0, which counts as one of their guaranteed games.
  • Games are 5 vs. 5.
  • Teams will have two 1-minute time outs per half (1 per overtime).
  • Games will have four 8-minute quarters, 1-minute quarter breaks, a 3-minute halftime, and a 2-minute overtime period, if needed. Pre-game warm up time is not guaranteed.
  • Games will feature a running clock until the last 1 minute of the 4th quarter (& overtime, if needed), when the clock will stop on all whistles (time out, injury, fouls & out of bounds). Outside of the last minute of the 4th quarter, the clock will only stop on a time out (team or official), shooting foul (free throws) or injury.
  • Overtime periods will start with a jump ball. If the score remains tied after the first overtime, the second overtime period will be sudden death (first score wins).
  • During the game if a team has a lead of 20 points or more at any time, the game will feature a running clock, except for a time out (team or official) or injury.
  • Players can substitute at any dead ball (time out, injury, fouls & out of bounds), however, the clock may or may not stop, even during substitution, based on clock rules above.


  • DEFENSE: No press for 3rd & 4th grade divisions. 5th – 8th grade divisions can press in the 4th quarter only.
  • Players will foul out on their 5th personal foul. NO bonus free throws in the first 3 quarters. Bonus foul shots in the 4th quarter will begin on the 5th team foul. Bonus foul shots will be ONE free throw worth 2 points.
  • Free Throws: 3rd & 4th grade divisions will shoot from the standard free throw line, but may step over the line to shoot (it will be a lane violation if the free throw shooter chases their rebound before the ball hits rim/backboard.) 5th – 8th grade divisions cannot step over the free throw line to shoot.
  • All other National High School Federation basketball rules will apply.

Player/Coach/Spectator Conduct:

Cursing/vulgar language and excessive aggression WILL NOT BE TOLERATED before, during, or after a game. Players/coaches/spectators will receive TWO warnings before being ejected from the facility. YMCA staff will have sole discretion to determine length and type of suspension resulting from dangerous/foul play or any other type of player/coach/spectator misconduct. Challenging anyone to a physical confrontation will result in permanent expulsion from the YMCA. Spectators, please be respectful
when cheering.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Sports Director Daniel Holbrook (, OR CALL 308-324-1970.


Mac's Short Stop

Three 21 Tavern

El Rancho Viejo


Little Ceasars

Medo's Resort

China Hy Express

Communities Represented in the Winter Classic

  • Bertrand, NE
  • Brady, NE
  • Burwell, NE
  • Callaway, NE
  • Cozad, NE
  • Gothenburg, NE
  • Grand Island, NE
  • Hastings, NE
  • Hays, KS
  • Holdrege, NE
  • Junieta, NE
  • Kearney, NE
  • Lexington, NE
  • McCook, NE
  • North Platte, NE
  • Ogallala, NE
  • Overton, NE
  • South Loop, NE
  • St. Paul, NE
  • Valentine, NE