Rex Adams Finds Health, Community & Family at YMCA

The Orthman Community YMCA is a major part of life for Lexington’s Calvary Assembly of God Pastor Rex Adams.

But, it’s not just because his wife, Amy, is the associate director.

Rex teaches Super Circuit class at the YMCA, exercises there five days a week and gives of his time in many different capacities from leading prayers at meetings, to volunteering at events like the Transportation Celebration, to helping hook up printers and computers (he loves technology).

But, the exercise and health aspect is what first attracted him to the YMCA. He and Amy joined the Orthman Community YMCA when they first moved to town in 2010, shortly after the Y first opened in Lexington.

Rex said that heart disease and high blood pressure run in his family, and he knew he needed to live a healthy and active lifestyle to prevent future medical issues.

“Just being part of the Y and learning from people like Terri and Melanie how to eat better has helped me keep my blood pressure under control,” Rex said.

He describes himself as “accident prone” and said the YMCA has also helped him continue physical therapy routines to recover from broken bones.

Rex is also a part of the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department, and he loves the partnerships the department and the YMCA have had over the years.

Rex said that heart attacks are one of the biggest health threats for firefighters. If firefighters aren’t in good physical condition, it can be dangerous for their hearts to put on heavy fire gear and do the physical work needed to extinguish a fire.

The YMCA has helped firefighters by offering boot camps and special training days where the firefighters will perform physical challenges, such as playing dodgeball in their gear to practice air management.

“I just love the way the Y connects the community,” Rex said.

YMCA of the Prairie CEO Riley Gruntorad said he is grateful for all that Rex does for the YMCA.

“He volunteers for many of our special events and programs, and he is always willing to lend an extra hand, especially when it comes to technology,” Gruntorad said. “He is very active in our YMCA and is also a volunteer fireman who brings the fireman in and does boot camps with them. He is always the one who prays for us at our dinners or events that need that prayer time. He does so much for the YMCA, and we are grateful.”

While Rex has given much to the YMCA over the years, he said the YMCA has also given much to him. He and Amy are the parents of two children; Makayla, who is a freshman in college; and Josiah, a sophomore in high school.

“Our kids have grown up in the Y,” Rex said. “It’s been like a second or third family for us. Everyone there has loved and accepted them.”

His daughter worked at the YMCA as a camp counselor, and his son has joined the family in volunteering at the Y, including being a Transformer at the Transportation Celebration.

Rex praised the Y staff for helping his children grow in confidence and character.

“It’s also been a great place for Amy to grow in her career,” Rex said. “We are so thankful for the Y.”