New Gothenburg Staff Bring New Ideas to YMCA

Experiences at other YMCAs prompted Jonathan Amador and Abby Bonine to seek YMCA careers. They are now working to develop youth and help adults stay active at the YMCA at Gothenburg Health.

Gothenburg’s new Sports Program Director Jonathan Amador first became involved at the Orthman Community YMCA in Lexington where as a high school student, he helped a friend coach.

Jonathan is an avid soccer player and played college soccer at Central Community College in Columbus and then at Iowa Wesleyan University. He eventually stopped playing college soccer and finished his studies at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where he earned a bachelor’s of science degree.

He started his job at the Gothenburg YMCA in July.

“I really wanted to work at the YMCA because I enjoy meeting new people and being able to be around sports,” Jonathan said. “My whole life I’ve been around sports so I thought it would be a perfect fit. I really enjoy helping kids improve and guide them in a positive way.”

As the Sports Director, Jonathan will organize youth and adult sports programs and will teach youth how to use the fitness equipment.

His goals are to build up the YMCA youth and adult sports programs.

“I want to have every kid in Gothenburg talking about how much fun they had playing for the YMCA,” he said.

When Jonathan is not working, he enjoys traveling with his family, playing soccer and spending time with his daughter, Jaylene.

Abby Bonine first became involved with the YMCA in college, where she did a 120-hour internship.

“I chose the YMCA because they are a great example of a recreational facility, and I liked their values and how they support their community,” she said. “From my experience at the YMCA in my college town, I knew a little bit about how the YMCA worked and what they stood for. Working at the YMCA is so much more than just a job. It’s a way to help your community and get to know all of the amazing people who live here.”

She started working at the YMCA in Gothenburg in early February as the Marketing/Program Coordinator. She distributes YMCA information via social media, emails and phone calls and manages the distribution of printed materials. She also develops new programs for families and youth. Like other YMCA full-time employees, she assists with childcare, front desk, and lifeguard duties as needed.

Abby is originally from Oklahoma and graduated from Shattuck, Okla. She attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where she graduated with a degree in Parks and Recreation Management (because she loves nature/recreation and the outdoors) with a business minor.

Her family moved to Gothenburg about 3 years ago for her dad’s job as regional manager at Country Partners, and she moved to the area after graduating from college.

Abby said the YMCA has already impacted her life in a positive way.

“I have been able to gain confidence in my professional and personal life by all the opportunities and freedom to grow in my career I have been given here at the YMCA,” she said. “Being able to become involved in my community has helped me feel more connected to Gothenburg after moving here last year.”

Abby plans to further her YMCA career over the next few years and to implement new programs. She is also working on becoming a certified personal trainer.

Outside of work, Abby enjoys reading, playing with 3-year-old brother and cooking.

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