YMCA Selling R-7 Program Center

The Don Sjogren Community YMCA Board of Directors voted in April to sell the YMCA at R-7 program center.

“Board members agreed that it would be best to streamline operations under one roof at the main facility at 1415 Broadway,” YMCA Executive Director Janell Brown said. “This change will ensure a stronger long-term financial future for the YMCA and will help the YMCA focus its efforts on building relationships and community at the main facility.”

The YMCA purchased the former R-7 school building (1421 13th St.) in 2016 intending to start a daycare. The YMCA daycare was discontinued, and a private daycare currently operates most of the facility.

The 22,000 square-foot building also gave the Y extra gym space for sports practices and programs and the room to launch the life-changing CrossFit program. Once the YMCA at R7 is sold, the YMCA will try to lease space from the buyer to continue the CrossFit program after the sale. If that is not possible, additional efforts will be made to acquire space to continue the CrossFit program.

The sale of the R-7 facility will give the Y seed money for potential revisions at the 1415 Broadway facility in the future.

This year marks 15 years since the YMCA opened at 1415 Broadway. Since that time, the building has served as a tool to help children grow, strengthen family bonds, and give children and adults opportunities to discover their potential and live healthier. It also has served as a community center to welcome and connect new and current residents and as a place for seniors to escape isolation and find belonging and friendship.

For inquiries about purchasing the former R-7 building, please contact Jeremy Klein at Real Estate Connection at (308) 995-6571 or any local Realtor.

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