YMCA Initiates Kindness Rocks Project in Community

Residents of Phelps County may find bits of inspiration and advice in the most unlikely places thanks to a project by the Don Sjogren Community YMCA.

The local Y is participating in The Kindness Rocks Project, which is a nationwide movement with the idea that just one message shared at just the right time can change someone’s entire day, outlook or life.

Inspirational messages and artwork are painted on rocks, and then the rocks are placed outdoors where others may find them.

YMCA Executive Branch Director Janell Brown said the local Y decided to participate in the project because it matches the Y’s cause and is a great way to spread kindness and joy in the community.

“At the Y, we strive to live our cause with purpose every day by being welcoming, genuine, hopeful, nurturing and determined,” Brown said. “The goal is to encourage creativity, cultivate kindness, plant joy and harvest hope for a better tomorrow in Phelps County.”

Last week, the Y invited community members to paint rocks at the Y and then hide them throughout the community. Y staff helped hide rocks as well.

“We plan to do this again next week and hope the energy spreads through the community and people continue to paint more rocks on their own and re-hide the rocks,” Brown said.

If community members find a rock, they are encouraged to take a photo and post it on the BeCauseY Rocks Facebook page with the tag #BeCauseYRocks and then hide the rock again for another person.

Here’s how to get involved:
1. Grab a rock from nature or purchase one from a craft or home improvement store.
2. Paint the rock with spray paint, acrylic paint, paint pens or Sharpies. Seal the rock to preserve the art. Any clear sealing is great as well as some waterproof brush-on products.
3. Label your rock on the back with BeCauseYRocks.
4. Place your rock somewhere in the community for others to find.

What if I find a rock?
1. Snap a picture of the rock you find.
2. Post the picture on the BeCauseYRocks Facebook page.
3. Keep the rock or re-hide it again.

How can I get my community involved?
Invite everyone you know to the BeCauseYRocks Facebook page. The more artists who put their art rocks in the community, the more joy that is spread!

For more information on the kindness project, please visit www.thekindnessrocksproject.com.

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