If we are willing to prioritize the needs of others, to reach for our best things to give, and to carve out time to serve, we will discover the transformational rewards that come only from practicing heroic love. The rewards are great, but the motivation to do nothing can be greater… push through! Be STRONG.

This week, along with your 20-minute fitness goals, open up a can of loving others. You will be transformed— this is how STRONG works.


This week we will add one service opportunity to our tracker. We were designed to give of our time and talents and serve. This week find opportunities to become a blessing.

Download your tracking sheet here and remember to post it in a prominent place.  Connect with your accountability buddy to make sure they are doing the same! Go team go!


1.    Buy lunch for someone
2.    Shovel snow for a neighbor
3.    Send a gift certificate to someone who lost their job
4.    Volunteer for Backpack Blessings
5.    Deliver meals (Meals on Wheels)
6.    Volunteer to help students at your local school
7.    Mentor a youth (TeamMates)
8.    Fill a box of some good stuff and donate it
9.    Buy school supplies for youth (bring it to you local school)
10.  Pray for someone in need (and tell them)
11.  Help someone find a job (use your network)
12.  Pay for someone’s coffee
13.  Write an inspiring article and share it
14.  Stop complaining, get involved
16.  Sponsor someone (a YMCA scholarship)
17.  Donate Blood (Blood Bank)
18.  Do extra stuff around the house (stop being lazy)
19.  Encourage five people on the Strong Challenge (Facebook group)
20.  Fill a box with food and take it to your local food pantry (do this with your family)
21.  Take a meal to someone who needs a break (new baby, lost a loved one)
22.  Call a senior, check-in, and ask if they need help.
23.  Clean a park (bring your our garbage bags)
24.  Become a Friend of the Library
25.  Do a virtual 5k for a good cause
26.  Make a wish come true (Make-A-Wish Foundation)
27.  Donate cash (be generous—give big)
28.  Donate that extra toilet paper you’re hoarding (seriously)
29.  Make PPE masks for childcare workers, students, seniors….
30.  Say nice things on your zoom meetings this week

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