CONNECT! Turn off the noise and connect deeper with your peeps and yourself.

Your STRONG Challenge continues with Connect! This week we will get STRONGer through CONNECTing with people. Did you know that on average we receive over 6,000 messages a day? Let that sink in… These constant beeps, dings, buzzes, and tweets are demanding our attention and severely hurting our health. And worse, they are pulling us away from the things that truly matter the most in our short lives. This week, you will be challenged to go deeper mentally and spiritually in the Challenge. You got this and we believe in YOU, because YOU are STRONG.

Your Week 3 Motivation


There has never been a better week in the challenge to connect with your accountabilibuddy! Call them. Ask how they are doing and offer some encouragement and STRONG cheerleader spirit! AND, join the Facebook Community Group to share your moments of connection with your new friends! When we connect, we are STRONG.

Download your tracking sheet and remember to post it in a prominent place.  Connect with your accountability buddy to make sure they are doing the same! Go team go!

STRONG Activities for Week 3

Below are some ideas to help us connect to our friends, strangers, loved ones and fellow STRONG Teammates.

Challenge yourself to make the extra effort to connect

  • Video call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for awhile
  • Zoom or call a friend and/or family where there might be a strain in the relationship, be STRONG and reconcile with them
  • Start a Virtual Watch Party: Schedule a time where friends and family can all watch a movie together virtually through Zoom or Facebook
  • Post in the STRONG Challenge Facebook Group. Connect with each other and help each other be STRONG

In-Person Outdoors

  • Connect with your friends at the Y who are members
  • Connect with your family, no tech-tv for one night only: only engagement
  • Connect with yourself, God, nature through a hike or trail walk (journal your experience)
  • Explore a new neighborhood in your town
  • Connect with a friend while walking, jogging, or riding  bikes
  • Meet a friend or family member for coffee or a meal

At the Y

  • Connect with individuals in your Group Ex class
  • Plan a time to meet with your fellow STRONG Challengers to attend a class, walk the track, or get a workout in
  • Ask a random question in the STRONG FB group to get fun answers and CONNECT with each other
  • Post a quick little video of you and your family encouraging each other

Questions? Email hjohnson@ymcaoftheprairie.org for clarification and help with enrollment. By signing up for this Challenge, you will receive three (3) emails or texts per week for six weeks. You may unsubscribe at any time.