Exercise Part of the Job for Local Police Officers

Daily exercise is proven to save lives. But, for local law enforcement officers, those workouts are even more important.

“Fitness and law enforcement go hand in hand,” Lexington Patrol Officer Luis Nunez said. “If you fail to maintain shape, you will pay for it while you work. Maybe even your life. It’s always best to prepare for the worst.”

The Orthman Community YMCA in Lexington does all it can to support and encourage the health and fitness of local police officers and first responders. The Y has offered 911 boot camps specifically for first responders and police officers.

Nunez has been a Y member since he was a teenager. He has worked as a patrol officer for three years and views his workouts as part of his job. Lately, his YMCA workouts have included full-body workouts using less weight and more repetitions. He has also participated in the adult basketball league and did the Tank Challenge and completed 100 laps in one day and even added 10 pushups and 135 extra pounds to the tank!

Nunez said that stress can be high at times in his job.

“Working out helps relieve a lot of that stress,” he said. “If I don’t work out, I feel the stress in other areas of my life.”

Police officer Troy Reutlinger, who has been with the department for 15 years, said stress relief is one of the main reasons he works out at the YMCA.

“It helps reduce anxiety and stress,” he said. “It definitely helps me after I’ve had a long day at work and gets my mind off of work.”

Reutlinger exercises six to seven days a week, depending on his schedule.

“I try and at least to do something every day,” he said. “Working out helps me stay fit and in shape for my job, and it gives me confidence on the job.”

Police officers often work long and irregular hours, but finding time to maintain strength and cardio health is also an important part of the job. The YMCA is glad to partner with law enforcement to help make our communities stronger.

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