Eustis Friends Find Second Home at YMCA

Five days a week, Sherry Timm and Marcia Keller meet up on a corner in Eustis and drive 25 minutes together to exercise at the Orthman Community YMCA.
The two self-described Y “gym rats” have discovered their second home at the Y, which they have found to be more than just a nice place to exercise.
“I think it’s an amazing facility,” Marcia said. “I cannot think of one thing I would complain about.”

The two have become unofficial “Y ambassadors,” raving about the welcoming staff, the quality and variety of classes, the facility cleanliness, the social connections they have made and the overall organization.

“You can tell we’ve made ourselves at home here,” Sherry said as the two joked about the fun they have in their Y classes.

Sherry, 56, and Marcia, 55, started on a fitness journey together about seven years ago.

Marcia’s mother died of heart disease at age 49, so Marcia felt an extra incentive to do more to stay active and healthy as she approached that same age.

“As we got older, we got more serious about our daily, weekly, monthly regimen,” Sherry said. So, they started working out.

“By working out, we mean just staying fit and strong,” Sherry said. “We’re not trying to win any competitions.”

They exercised together at various locations until they heard about this great morning cycling class offered at the Orthman Community YMCA.

“We came over and started the cycling class, and we loved it,” Sherry said. “We fell in love with Paul, our cycling instructor and motivator, who puts a smile on our faces.”

They tried other Y classes, too.

“That’s what we love about the Y,” Sherry said. “There’s a time all day long you can catch a good class.”

Their workout routine now includes Paul’s 5:30 a.m. cycling class on Mondays and Wednesdays and 8:15 a.m. Fit Camp or other exercises the other days of the week.

They said having an accountability partner in each other has helped them stick to this routine.

“When you have somebody sitting at the corner waiting for you, you have to get going,” Marcia said. “It’s become a great habit now.”
And, both women agree that the morning exercise routine makes them have a better attitude all day.

“You start the day here, and it’s a better day,” Sherry said.

The other benefits of their workout routine are fewer trips to the doctor, more active bodies and stronger social connections.

Marcia, who works out of her home as an accountant, said she appreciates the social interaction at the Y.
“I think it’s so good mentally,” Marcia said. “We’ve developed friendships with people who sit around the fire with us.”

From the inviting facility to the welcoming staff, Sherry and Marcia have nothing but positive comments about the Y.

“The Y has been a good fit for us,” Sherry said.

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