Brayton Finds Tools To Better Health

Last winter, Corinne L. Brayton of Lexington had a discouraging doctor’s visit.

“I am a diabetic, and on my last checkup in February, my weight had ballooned out of control and so was my A1C, which is a scale to measure blood sugars for the last 3 months,” Corrine said. “I was looking for something to help me, but I did not know what.”

Through a program offered at Lexington Regional Health Center and Corrine’s dedication to exercising at the Orthman Community YMCA, she found the help she needed and has lost 60 pounds since February. Her most recent checkup showed more encouraging results.

Corinne’s blood sugars dropped “enormously,” and her cholesterol levels were within the normal range. And, she has a complete set of lab profiles from before and after to prove how much simple exercise and eating right can improve health.

After her February checkup, Corrine discovered a program through the Lexington Regional Health Care Center called Walk This Weigh, taught by Lacey Zarek, registered dietitian nutritionist. She met with Lacey and other members of the program every two weeks to weigh in, log food intake, and talk about topics like nutrition, exercise and motivation.

“I like the accountability piece of the program and the interaction with members of the class,” Corinne said. “I think the accountability factor was what kept me on track. Because of suggestions from Lacey, I have tried new foods and have actually found that I enjoy them! I have started using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone, and I purchased a Fitbit to remind me to keep moving.”

In addition to the Walk This Weigh class, Corinne began walking regularly at the Orthman Community YMCA.

“I live close to the Y, and most days it is easy to attend, particularly when the weather is inclement,” she said. “If we did not have a Y in our area, I imagine it would be hard to keep up with exercise or maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

At the Y, Corinne walks on the indoor track or the treadmill for about 30 minutes each day six days a week. She hopes to start incorporating moderate strength training with weights to improve her core muscles.

She is grateful for the encouragement from Y staff in her journey to better health.

“I appreciate Amy Adams and Renee Winter for welcoming me with a smile when I walk in the door,” Corinne said. “In fact, everyone working at the front desk is always friendly and kind both when I enter and when I leave. In addition, I have asked questions of Melanie Shubert or Terri Burch, and they have always been eager to help.”

Outside of the Y and the hospital, she also has other support.

“I would like to thank my loving husband, my friends, my family, and my God for giving me the motivation, support, and encouragement I needed to make lasting lifestyle changes,” she said.

Corinne plans to finish losing the last few pounds to be at the weight her doctor suggested and then to maintain her new lower weight, monitor her sugar levels and re-enroll in the Walk My Weigh program in 2019 to maintain her healthy lifestyle.

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