PT Consult Teaches Safe Exercise During & After Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy has many health benefits, and a new Gothenburg program helps women learn and implement safe pregnancy exercise routines.

Kelsey Max, PT, DPT, is offering FREE 30-minute consultations for pregnant women or new moms at the YMCA at Gothenburg Health.

“Exercising during pregnancy is important to help with weight management throughout your pregnancy and to improve birthing outcomes,” Kelsey said. “Women who exercise throughout their entire pregnancy gain on average 8 pounds less than women who don’t exercise. Also, if women exercise throughout pregnancy, they are less likely to have a C-section.”

Kelsey works at Gothenburg Health and has a doctorate in physical therapy and continuing education in women’s health.

“I started a women’s health program for physical therapy at the clinic I am in now. I am trying to reach all populations, and that includes young pregnant mothers and older women who have pelvic floor dysfunction,” she said. “I want women to know that pelvic floor issues are common but it does not mean they are normal. I am also passionate about exercise in general and how it can improve so many different aspects of life including health, mental clarity, and functional mobility.”

Kelsey is the mother of two young boys and exercised during both of her pregnancies. During her second pregnancy, her core was weaker from her first pregnancy so she exercised mainly in the swimming pool, which was more comfortable for her and allowed her to exercise throughout her pregnancy.

“Exercising while pregnant is safe for most women,” she said. “If you have a complicated pregnancy, then it is best to speak to your provider before starting exercise. There are modifications for several exercises that are better suited for pregnant women, and you may also need to change the intensity of your workouts. Exercising while pregnant will change as your body changes over the 9 months.”

During the 30-minute free consult, Kelsey will review the participant’s pregnancy history, prior history of exercise, and exercise goals. She will provide education on how to moderate exercise so women feel confident in their own health and the health of their baby.

“I will address any pain that you may be experiencing,” she said. “If I believe you warrant physical therapy to address any pain you may be having, then I will see you past the consult and we will go through your medical insurance.”

To arrange a free pregnancy or post-pregnancy PT consult, contact Kelsey at (308) 529-4023 or the YMCA at (308) 537-4022.

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