Make The Time

By Terri Burch, Health & Wellness Director
Orthman Community YMCA


Make The Time

What’s stopping you?

We all look forward to the future.  An event or a place we wish to visit. Anything to look forward to, something to drive us.

What if our future is uncertain … and it is, isn’t it?

What steps must we take to ensure that we are part of the future? Could it be diet, exercise, quitting a ‘bad’ habit, or making a new habit?

Make the time!

Make the time for you.

Make time to rest when you’re tired.

Make the time to exercise to stay strong.

Make the time to fuel your body well. After all, food is fuel. Is it coming from a box, bag, or a can? In a pinch, not a problem but everyday…a problem.

Make the time to walk the dog for they will always enjoy it and will make your walk more enjoyable. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one. There are so many dogs not getting walks.

Make the time to read a book. Challenge yourself.  Learn something new.

Make the time to be alone with your thoughts-good thoughts, or learn to sit in the quiet. Enjoy the sunrise or the sunset and in that time fill your heart with joy.

Make the time for good health because without it…

Don’t wait. Start simple and enjoy your successes and make them grow.

Ask for help! Learn to say ‘no’!  Smile when you can.

Don’t wait for diabetes to find you.

Don’t wait for a heart attack to shock you.

Don’t wait because it may be too late.

Don’t pass up the cookie just because others are watching. Eat it with enjoyment without running away. Own that moment, then move on.

Enough with the “Don’ts.”

Try that ‘one’ machine at the Y.  It’s different, maybe a little scary.  Hop on and “pretend” you know what you’re doing.  NO ONE will know!

Learn how to do a good squat.  It’ll never let you down and can be used on many occasions and situations.

Learn how to perform a good plank.  It’s much harder than you think and certainly won’t be easily held for more than a minute.

Learn to love vegetables (the food of life). Cheese or ranch (salt/pepper/butter) dressing is always helpful, as long as, it isn’t a bigger serving size than the veggie itself.

Learn to say, NO. It can be liberating.

Set the table and eat supper without TV, devices, and other distractions…enjoy!

Take a yoga class.  What’s stopping you?  Take any class that’s out of your norm.

Make the time for your health. Visit the doctor when you have an inclination of need.  What’s stopping you?  Maintain your independence for as long as possible.

Wash your hands, often and especially after using the restroom.  Do I sound like your mother?

Pay it forward, make someone’s day by paying their bill at the drive thru.  It’s really quite fun.

…and always try to be kind.

In summary, Make the Time…Before it’s too late.




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