Lexington’s Adams Amazed Where God Has Led Her

By Amy Adams

Happy Spring in Nebraska!  We never know the weather conditions we will experience day-to-day while living in Nebraska. Nebraska weather actually describes many of our lives. We think we know what the forecast is but we never really know until that very moment.

Life has been a journey…but where God calls me is where I want to be. During my life, I have moved many times. As a child, I lived in New Mexico, Arizona, California and Iowa. During those moves, I had dreams for my future. I knew that my dream was to live and work where I could minister and encourage others. I wanted to be someone who made a difference in others’ lives.

I attended Central Bible College in Springfield, Mo., where I also met my husband. We married after graduation, and we will celebrate our 21st anniversary this summer. In our 21 years of marriage, we have had two children, Makayla, who is a senior this year (yes, there have been many momma tears during our year of “lasts”); and a son, Josiah, who is a freshman. We have had the privilege of serving as youth pastors in Joplin, Mo., and Cortez, Colo., and as lead pastors in Ordway, Colo., and Lexington, Neb., through our 21 years of ministry.

My family moved to Lexington in October of 2010 when my husband took the position as Senior Pastor for Calvary Assembly of God. We knew right away that Lexington would be our home for a long time. Soon after moving to Lexington, I joined the YMCA staff for a “temporary job.” I didn’t plan to stay at the Y for long, but it worked well with our kid’s school schedule. Eleven years later, I’m still at the YMCA and have served in many roles. I now hold the position of Associate Director for the Orthman Community YMCA and Business Manager for the YMCA of the Prairie. I love my job because it isn’t just a job but an extended family where I can serve in ways that I am passionate about. The YMCA also provides opportunities for my family to be involved through our programs and special events. It isn’t just “my job” but a family passion.

I enjoy giving back to my community and enjoy the opportunities I have to serve on the Lexington High School Fine Arts Association, Booster Club and the Lexington Chamber of Commerce. We live in a wonderful community with many opportunities to get involved.

As I said, we never know what our future is going to hold, but we do know Who holds our future. One of my favorite verses is Matthew 6:25, “Do not be anxious about your life.” Things around us tend to look a little crazy and out of order, but through my relationship with God, I am not anxious or worried. We have a God who is in control of it all.

There have been trying times in our life when things seemed impossible; when the loss of a loved one seemed hard to move forward from, when saying goodbye to people we loved to move forward to where God wanted us to be. Those were difficult times, but God brings joy and peace and never leaves us.  Deuteronomy 31:6 says “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear.”

I leave you with this thought:

I never dreamed growing up that being a pastor’s wife or working at a YMCA were the places God would call me to. I never would have imagined I would live in a community and be part of a church family like Lexington. So many things in my life led to this moment. Remember when your plans don’t look like you imagined, take one step forward to what looks right and push through the hard because God has good things ahead.

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  • Alice Speak Posted April 1, 2022 4:56 pm

    Thank you and being such an amazing person 😊🥰😊

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