CrossFit Motivation Launches in Holdrege

Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult, and that’s where the YMCA can help.

After two years of research, learning, fund-raising and a lot of heavy lifting, staff at the Don Sjogren Community YMCA are launching CrossFit Motivate in Holdrege.

The program is for people of all fitness levels and can be used to accomplish any goal from improved health to weight loss to better athletic performance.

“We needed something new and fresh,” said YMCA Group Exercise Coordinator Tasha Manahan.

Tasha, who has worked at the YMCA for 11 years, said she noticed boot camp was becoming stagnant, and participants were reaching plateaus in their fitness journeys.

So, Tasha and her Y colleagues Janell Brown, branch executive director, and Shannon Kruback, after-school program coordinator, ventured to

Kearney to see if CrossFit could be that next step. After getting over their initial intimidation, they enjoyed the progressive challenges and camaraderie of their class.

“The first thing I noticed about CrossFit is that I felt stronger,” Tasha said. Now, she has a love-hate relationship with CrossFit. She loves how she feels when she’s done with the challenging workouts and when she reaches a new personal record, but she hates how sore it makes her some days.

For Tasha, growing stronger kept her coming back for more. And, she knew it was something she wanted to bring to local Y members.
“CrossFit is built to get you stronger, improve your endurance and improve all aspects of fitness,” she said. Workouts may include weight lifting, running/cardio workouts, box jumps, gymnastics moves and so much more.

“It’s hard to go to CrossFit one day and judge if you like it or not because it’s different each day,” she said.

CrossFit workouts are modified for each participant’s level of fitness. While some “CrossFitters” are doing walking handstands, others might be lifting light weights until they can progress to the next step toward the handstands.

Although Tasha’s been doing CrossFit for almost two years now, she’s still working on perfecting a walking handstand.

Tasha and Y boot camp instructor Adam Hohlfeld are both trained as Level 1 CrossFit trainers and will be instructing the new CrossFit Motivate classes.

Their focus in the first few weeks will be ensuring participants use correct form to avoid injury. And, they will provide one-one-one “on-ramping” meetings to gauge participant’s fitness levels and teach the correct form.

CrossFit Motivate classes are for anyone ages 14 and older. Kids CrossFit classes will be offered at various times of the year to teach form and function and ensure that youth are properly trained in weight-lifting techniques.

With the support of local donors and grant funds, a CrossFit “box” was built at the YMCA’s program center at R7, and that’s where classes will take place. At times, the class may move to the pool or other areas at the main branch.

Tasha said her hope is that local “CrossFitters” will be having fun, making new friends and living healthier that an expansion of the program will be needed.

CrossFit Motivate Class: Classes begin Sept. 3, M-F, 5:15 a.m., Noon or 6 p.m. Fee: $55 per month for Y members/$20 each additional family member. $120 per month for non-Y members/$40 each additional person.


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