YMCA of the Prairie Association Leadership

Ginger Cowne, Chief Executive Officer, gcowne@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Ashley Cook, Executive Assistant, acook@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Andrea Matthews, Human Resources & Business Manager, amatthews@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Don Sjogren Community YMCA

Janell Brown, Associate Executive Director, jbrown@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Alex Mahundi, Sports Program Manager, amahundi@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Melanie Burken, Child Watch Manager, mburken@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Tasha Manahan, Group Exercise & Personal Training, nmanahan@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Lori Watson, Member Services Manager, lwatson@ymcaoftheprairie.org

Micki White, Member Services Coordinator, mfisher@ymcaoftheprairie.org

YMCA at R7 Early Learning Center

Shannon Reicheneker, Child Care Director, sreicheneker@ymcaoftheprairie.org

YMCA at Gothenburg Health 

Julie Czochara, Executive Branch Director

Orthman Community YMCA

Riley Gruntorad
Executive Branch Director

Amy Adams
Associate Executive Director

Terri Burch
Wellness Manager

Gustavo Ramirez
Program Director